Theodore Roosevelt's "Big Medicine."

Below are the Model 1895 rifles currently being produced by Winchester Repeating Arms. Model 1895 rifles are produced on a periodic basis, so if you collect them it is important to have a long term plan. What makes the Winchester Model 1895 so unique?

It was designed by the legendary gun designer,  John Moses Browning. He designed a number of great Winchesters such as the Model 1886 rifle, the Model 1885 Single Shot, the Model 1892 rifle, the 1897 shotgun, the Model 1890 rimfire and of course, the Model 1894 Winchester. The Model 1895 was the last John M. Browning design for Winchester. An important historical distinction is that the Model 1895 was designed and engineered to accommodate a new generation of military cartridges utilizing smokeless powder. Another significant feature was the innovative non-detachable “box magazine.” This design made it possible to chamber in the revolution of more powerful pointed bullets. Winchester was a tubular magazine company until the Modle 1895 came along. It was the first box magazine rifle developed by Winchester.

Few Winchester rifles had such a strong, dual sporting and military popularity. This was also the rifle Theodore Roosevelt called his "Big Medicine." It accompanied him and his son Kermit, on their legendary African Safari.