A long history of superior performance. The concept of screw-in choke tubes was pioneered by Winchester nearly half a century ago. Nowadays we can't imagine shotgunning without them. Whether you need a replacement for one of your original tubes or a set of our precision Signature Choke tubes you won't be disappointed. Today's tubes are longer, more precise, better patterning and cleaner than ever before. Search our specs for the tubes to fill out your selection.

Winchester Signature Choke Tubes. These top quality choke tubes are unsurpassed in the shotgun industry. In collaboration with Briley®, one of the most renowned makers of choke tubes in the world, the Invector-Plus™ and Standard Invector™ tubes are carefully machined from the best materials and calibrated to the strictest tolerances to deliver shot patterns exceeding your highest expectations. Installing these tubes in your barrel ensures that you are getting optimum patterning for the most challenging of wild game and the most difficult presentations in clay target shooting.

Choke Tubes